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Please note that pictures on AMP Upholstery Inc.'s website are not in the public domain, and you are not permitted to copy, download, modify, redistribute, or redisplay these images without our prior written approval. Policy: Protection of Personal Information 1. AMP Upholstery Inc. is committed to protecting personal information about our clients, employees, and suppliers. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of service and integrity in all of our dealings. To that end, we will only collect, store, use and disclose personal information as needed to:

a. Provide the services required by our clients, including the establishment and maintenance of our relationship with our clients; b. Administer our business; or c. Meet legal, regulatory or statutory requirements

We will inform the individual from whom personal information is being collected of our purposes and ensure such individuals have consented to our collection, use, storage, or disclosure of the personal information for the purposes we have indicated.

When possible, we will collect any required personal information directly from the individual to whom it pertains. We will not collect, use, store, or disclose an individual's personal information except in accordance with the law.

2. Definition of Personal Information:

a. Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual and includes:

i. Age, sex, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, and religious or political beliefs. ii. Credit card information; and iii. Information regarding the individual's behaviour such as product purchasing history and Internet browsing logs, as well as information gathered during the course of a reference check.

b. Personal information excludes business contact information such as:

i. Title, business telephone and fax numbers, street and email addresses.

3. Any enquiries or concerns with regard to the personal information we have about individuals or about the application of this policy should be directed to AMP Upholstery Inc..

4. We make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the personal information we collect, store, use and disclose. Individuals wishing to access or correct the personal information we have about them should contact us at the below referenced number or email address.

5. Individuals who have given consent for us to collect, use, store, or disclose personal information have the right to withdraw that consent at any time on giving us written or oral notice.

6. We protect the personal information in our custody and control with safeguards appropriate to its sensitivity. AMP Upholstery Inc., Ph:416-888-1511, email:


Contact us at 416-888-1511 #ampupholstery

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